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April 29, 2019 Tapestry

Decorating Ideas with Peacock Tapestry

These days I have been designing some pieces and my inspiration has been the peacock tapestry. Not only the delicacy of its construction but the exotic richness of its colors. That combination of bluish green, turquoise and gold are a perfect formula to achieve an elegant, sophisticated and colorful look. Today I will share the inspiration of this week with some decorative ideas inspired by peacocks.

Antique Tapestry Value

Antique Tapestry Value

The peacock, with its iridescent blue-green plumage, has long provided a decorative motif in art and interior decoration. Originally the rarity and beauty of the peacock were available only to the rich in Europe, as a symbol of power and luxury. Maybe that’s why they were so popular in decoration among the designers of the Art Nouveau movement. In our time, the colors of the peacocks are used to achieve a sumptuous atmosphere, elegant and full of style.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Decorating Ideas with Peacock Tapestry

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Image of: Antique Tapestry Value

Paint the walls blue-green, furniture can be neutral colors like beige or black and add decorative details in gold and coffee. If you want a more literal decorating, you can get wallpaper or objects with patterns of real fear. Furthermore, a really impressive detail can be a floral arrangement in which several peacock feathers are incorporated. In fact, it is possible to achieve a festive decoration full of luxury and with the exotic and oriental richness of this beautiful bird.

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