Frosted Glass Doors

Frosted glass doors Our doors may be used in virtually any mounting application. Interior glass doors are an excellent way to present your house a contemporary twist, transforming the appearance of your space. Our interior sliding glass doors add a unique appearance and touch to your house. The frameless doors are connected to the wall […]

Reclaimed Wood Vanity

Reclaimed wood vanity Besides water, wood has three major components. He can work just fine in the kitchen with a little foresight. In case the wood is actually old and dry, you might want to go with even longer bolts. Reclaimed wood isn’t only unique and lovely, but working with it helps protect our precious […]

Battery Operated Camping Chandelier

Battery operated chandelier – Lanterns and candlesticks operated by batteries come in various shapes and sizes. They add light and a great atmosphere to the home or other room of choice. This beautiful piece is safe and easy to use anytime, anywhere. The twinkling and light provided will give the usual candle, without the warm […]

Dreamy Bedroom Chandelier Light

A chandelier light adds depth to your interior decoration scheme by pulling the eye upwards and providing a functional piece of hanging art. Many chandeliers are traditional and neat, but you can buy or create a chandelier that reflects your personal style and complements the design of your home. Make a chandelier, for a quick, […]

Blacklight Posters

Glow In The Dark Tapestry –  For centuries faith and spirituality have inspired art and the development of tapestries. The Quaker rug is a twentieth-century creation. And was originally an idea by Anne Wynne-Wilson after studying the splendor of the Bayeux Tapestry. He became fascinated by the concept of storytelling through tapestry. And aimed to […]

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Hanging large wall mirror creates a complicated scenario. The heavy mirror must be installed correctly otherwise not only is your mirror in danger, but the wall to which the mirror has been mounted can also suffer considerable damage should the fasteners fail. The best way to hang a large framed wall mirror is secured in […]

Diy Makeup Vanity Mirror

Makeup vanity mirror for the bathroom create a special area for you to style your hair and apply your makeup. Sit-down vanities, also known as dressing tables, usually consist of a desk, chair and mirror. When you make makeup, of course you need to use a mirror. Here the bathroom may be busy up tomorrow […]

Aztec Tapestry

Mexican tapestry is versatile pieces that can be used to cover floors or used as wall hangings to decorate your room. When hanging any carpet on the wall, be careful to maintain the carpet and prevent running and tears. You also want the carpet to be secured against the wall without damaging the wall. Carpets […] -->