Sirio Patio Furniture Costco

Bar Height Outdoor Table – Tables offer a readily available, cheap and convenient way to provide a temporary area on which to dine, play cards or serve food. However, they only come at a standard table height that is much lower than the standard height bar, making it awkward and unprofessional to use as a […]

5 Piece Pub Table Set

Bar height kitchen table – A bar height table requires bar stools that should have a height of 28 “to 30”. They are often used in combination with home rods and kitchen islands. There must be a height difference between the table and the island. This makes the design a little more dynamic and also […]

4ft Round Folding Table

Bar height folding table – Each time our houses are more similar to the American style. For example, in the use of the American bar in the kitchen. The height of the table before was a problem, for example when using it next to the bars. Also as part of our terraces or gardens. A […]

Bar Dining Table Set

Find ideal bar height dining table set is difficult to determine because it is very personal. One likes to sit a little lower at the table, while the other likes a higher one. Because this is difficult to determine, it is also difficult to determine the ideal height of your dining table. We explain everything […]

Tibo Bar Cart

If there is one thing that is clear, it is that the bar cart with wine rack is fashionable. In addition to being used as a place to put drinks, we have also seen ideas to use it as a bedside table, bedside tables, to put plants and even a tea and coffee center. But […]

Unique Bar Cart Ideas

Bar Cart Styling – When entertaining the guests, many people enjoy using a bar to mix drinks. Store drinks or provides a convenient rest area, near the refreshments. If not, you do not want to commit to installing a fixed bar in your home. Or if you are a professional bartender traveling from one event […] -->