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May 9, 2019 Furniture

Glow In The Dark Tapestry An Inspired Creation

Glow In The Dark Tapestry Р For centuries faith and spirituality have inspired art and the development of tapestries. The Quaker rug is a twentieth-century creation. And was originally an idea by Anne Wynne-Wilson after studying the splendor of the Bayeux Tapestry. He became fascinated by the concept of storytelling through tapestry. And aimed to create a project that told the story of the development of Quaker religion throughout the world. When the great work grows, the essence of spirituality becomes interwoven into the work.

Blacklight Posters

Blacklight Posters

Anne Wynne-Wilson propose a gem-base tapestry consisting of separate panels which could then be send to different Friends in the Quaker faith to complete. And at the same time allowed people to learn about the story of the Quaker religion. Like Bayeux Tapestry, this technique looks at three separate panels, each with a limited color scheme on hand-woven wool with materials designed to stand the test of time. The rug contains four ancient stitches – Stem, Knots, Split and Chain with Bayeux Point thread laying methods, and natural dyes.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Glow In The Dark Tapestry An Inspired Creation

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Image of: Glow In The Dark Tapestry
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Image of: Blacklight Posters


The original goal was to create tapestries to tell the story of the development of the

Quaker faith globally, but the faith of the tailors became embedded in the work and thus captured the essence of the elements that motivated the Quaker faith. Light is always important in the teaching of Quakerism, especially the concept of Inner Light. This is illustrated by the first tapestry that inspired Quakers to use themselves to reflect their inner light on others. Simple prisms, colors and glowing directions reinforced the belief that the early Quakers called themselves “Children of Light”.

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