How to Hang a Large Wall Mirror

Hanging large wall mirror creates a complicated scenario. The heavy mirror must be installed correctly otherwise not only is your mirror in danger, but the wall to which the mirror has been mounted can also suffer considerable damage should the fasteners fail. The best way to hang a large framed wall mirror is secured in the hardware on the wooden posts of the wall. Plaster and plaster panels alone cannot support the weight of the mirror.

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Rectangular Wall Mirror

Use a stud locator to locate the nails on the wall in the area you want to hang the mirror. Make a pencil mark each time you come across a bolt. Calculate the height that hangs from the mirror. Measure the length of the mirror. Subtract the measurement difference hanging from the middle of the mirror to find where the top of the frame should touch the wall. Measure and mark on the hanging wall the difference of the measurement above the 57-inch mark.

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Center a piece of wood between two studs. Align the card with the pencil marks on the wall of Stage 6. Hammer a nail through the plywood on the right foot at the left and right ends. Allow an assistant to hold the mirror in position with the top edge of the frame aligned with the pencil mark on the wall. Screw the required number of wood screws (according to the number of hangers are on the back of the mirror) through the plywood and on the right foot, leaving about ½ inch of the screw protruding from the wall to secure the hangers.