How to Hang Tuscan Style Chandelier

Tuscan style chandelier creates an atmosphere of elegance in all rooms, without the complication of electrical wiring. This type of chandelier simplifies installation with a plug-in style cord. With a few materials, you can easily hang your own exchanged chandelier.

Antique Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Antique Wrought Iron Chandeliers


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Install a Tuscan style chandelier hook at the location you want the chandelier to hang. Take into account the location of the center of the room, and all the furniture you might want the chandelier to hang. When you buy the hook, check the weight limit to make sure it can support the weight of your chandelier. Hold the hook on the roof of the place you prefer and mark the screw holes with a pen. Drill holes to secure your chandelier hook. Attach the chandelier hook with screws. Make sure the chandelier hook is level with the ceiling.

Hang the Tuscan style chandelier and drape the cord into the wall. Depending on the location, you may want to drape the cord over the ceiling until you reach the wall. To drape the cord, install a series of smaller hooks until your cord reaches the wall. Use cord covers to hide and attach the cord to the wall down to the outlet where it plugs into. You can also use the cord cover if you prefer not to drape the cord along the roof. Simply attach the cord cover, follow it to the ceiling and drive down the wall to the electrical outlet.