New Look With The Modern Crystal Chandeliers

Modern Crystal Chandeliers – ¬†Things that make the room look more beautiful and with alluring aura are light, pots, pillows, curtains, hardware etc. According to Long Island’s interior designer, only a few can beautify your home. Inner Designers from Long Island give you some tips for adding textures, colors. And aura that can distinguish in terms of your room decor. The designers say that the use of chandeliers is a way to show your home aura. Crystal chandeliers¬† know for use on dining rooms, living rooms, hallways and lobbies. But according to the owners of Mabley Handler’s Interior Designers, located at Water Mill, Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler. The chandeliers can now turn into a modern design.

2 Story Foyer Chandelier Modern

2 Story Foyer Chandelier Modern


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This chandelier can make in an abstract form with sulk drums. Their color can turn out to be dramatic that can create a focal point instead of a light source. Mabley says that many people who are in favor of a traditional transition conservation pair with contemporary accessories are still looking for a different way of creating their new texture design. According to Handler, there are others, looking for creative use for false stone panels, designed to use rocks or rocks.

Mabley adds that other Indian-inspire fabrics and their glass accessories are sometimes paire with monochromatic furniture. That can create unique, contemporary and global spaces. Mabley notes that are in beddings, pillows and chords are embroider with gems fabrics, while the patterns in the same pattern can contribute to the more traditional and sophisticat look in the room.