Exterior Tuscan Blue Paint

You can make a tuscan blue painting with just simple sinks of color. Choose a vertical or horizontal composition, but not among the two. A Tuscan painting should have a peaceful feel, and the mix will make it much more energetic. Typical Tuscan color schemes include yellow, peach, white, honey brown, dark brown, red, blue […]

World Map Coffee Table

Tuscan Coffee Table – Inspired by the rolling Italian countryside, the Tuscan design is made up of hand-painted pottery, Italian art, and rustic house style. Tuscan design adds a certain richness and natural beauty to any kitchen or living room. Italians consider the kitchen an extremely important room, which is used for socialization and entertainment, […]

Tuscan Wall Decor

The style of Tuscan decor is warm and inspired by nature. The combination of warm colors and rustic design elements are the main characteristics of this style. Since nature inspired the Tuscan style, organic materials that are durable and warm are used to decorate the home. The houses of the Italian Tuscan were built in […]

Round Kitchen Tables

Tuscan Dining Table – Tuscan kitchen designs reflect all the warmth, romance, and joy in the Tuscany region of northern Italy. The style is very popular for the old world charm and shades it offers. Natural materials, such as stone and wood, are common in Tuscan style, as artistic tile creations. However, the design of […]

Wood Dining Table

Tuscan Dining Room – Are you looking to bring some Italian into your home but do not think you have the budget for it? The central theme of the Tuscan decor is being food and nature. That is one of the most popular and easiest to replicate styles. Italian country decoration brings food, wine, and […]

Awesome Tuscan Farmhouse

Tuscan farmhouse – Structured walls, stone floors and tile ceilings are some of the true details derived from rich Italian tradition. Limestone and sandstone were the original wall for traditional Tuscan homes. To achieve this textured feel in your home, use plaster, stucco, drywall, and faux wall techniques. Walls should appear weathered, old and well-lived. […]

Kitchen Tuscan in Home

Tuscan home decor and details are elements inspire by Tuscany, Italy. The richness of colors and colors reflects the earth tones and deep shades of nature. The traditional old world decor of Tuscan villas and farmhouses is a sought after style in homes today.  Here are ideas to bring Tuscan inspired details into your home. […]

Italian Home Decor Ideas

Tuscan Decor Ideas –  The rural, natural and simple beauty found in the city of Tuscany in Italy has caused many homeowners to want to make this in their own homes. Tuscan decorations inspire by natural elements such as old wood, earthy tones. And olive colors and different vineyards. With the popularity of this decoration, […]

Cheap Tuscan Decorating Ideas

Tuscan Decorating Ideas –  When you choose to turn into a very passionate and favored Tuscan style. The display will show you the beauty of the hills in the center of Italy, brilliant, cool cloudy night and sunny meadows. Its view is simple, but it is pack with soft softness, cheerful brightness asserted by different […]

Tuscan Style Homes Exterior Photos

The old world charm of Tuscan home plans, Italy offers the perfect palette to create a warm atmosphere in every room of your home. Putting together a home that reflects that the simple elegance of Tuscany – whether you are looking for the beauty of the Tuscan landscape or the cultural influence of Tuscany – […]

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